Ghostly Eviction Prediction

The Contest: write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words, children here defined as 12 and under), using the words spider, ghost, and moon. Your story can be scary, funny […] sponsored by Susanna Hill.

Here is my entry:

Violet, Ishmael, and Petunia are ghosts.

They work only on Halloween.

Ishmael’s beard touches his knees.

Violet and Petunia are cousins.

CRASH! The farmhouse shook.

“It’s an earthquake!” Petunia cried.

Ishmael shrugged. “No problem.”

Violet looked. “The bulldozer is humungous!”

Petunia designed a plan. “We’ll scare them.”

Violet practiced shrieking.

Ishmael practiced howling.

Petunia fed her spiders.

“Follow me,” whispered Petunia.

On a moonless evening, they crept.

Ishmael howled, “Yahooo!”

Violet shrieked, “EEEEEE”.

“Attack, spiders!” commanded Petunia. The workers ran.

Later, a loud knock. “Move, Ghosts!” a gruff voice commanded.

They laughed. Tonight was Halloween; they had work to do.