Sunset over Minnesota Prairie

We are passing a giant wind farm in southern Minnesota. We are close to John’s hometown, Austin.

We’re hoping to get to Des Moines tonight. image


Road Tripand ReForReM

Getting ready for the drive to Arizona. My feet are wanting time up after days of getting ready. Thanks to Georgette Frazer who gave us the shrink wrap bags and helped me pack. 

And a shoutout to ReFoReMo What is this you may ask? It’s a special challenge the month of March to read 5 PIcturebooks a day.There are prizes and blog posts and all sorts of fun. Registration starts 2/15.

Vertigo tilts All

Never a dull moment. The news is positive with John’s heart now back  in sinus rhythm. I had a bout of vertigo. John kept me from rolling about with his yoga pillows around my head.

Keep warm and cosy this winter weekend. image

Back to school

Halston went back to school yesterday and dressed up for it. He likes lookin good like his dad and Grandpa!

Thanks to Debbie for her help in making a dummy book for my Picturebook.

Thanks to Leanne and Georgette for helping me to maintain my plants. image