New Left Shoe, Carlyle and Halston on Christmasm

For Christmas I have a new left shoe for my aching foot.And 2 of my grandchildren Carlyle and her brother Halston.They are visiting in Vermont.



Second surgery goes well

Recovering from surgery on the left foot. I have a special Christmas cast! I’ll be walking on my left foot by next week if all goes well and cast is removed on Tuesday. Send positive energy. image

Live music at Vox a fun night out

Last night saw The Brothers Landreth and Band of Thieves, 2 great bands at Vox, Wildwood Pavillon. Enjoy this snippet of Angel of Montgomery (Bonnie Raitt sang this) by the Band of Thieves. Oh no wont upload video so check it out on FB and Instagram Here is Ella at the Sarasota Aquarium. image

Surgery tomorrow! Hope all goes well.

Walking a littleSurgery on the 18th

Tuesday I started wearing my Right shoe and walking. My right big toe sticks up at an awkward angle. I did chair Zumba with light action with my toes and heels.

The only way to get through the pain is to do it. Surgery on my left foot coming up on Friday. Positive energy would be so nice. Thank you everyone. image

A Published Poem

Good news today. I have a poem titled Autumn Opus published in the Weekly Avocet, an online magazine for nature poetry. The title is Autumn Opus and it was originally published in the Wisconsin Poets Calendar.

Autumn Opus


A lone goose calls.

Dry oak leaves crackle as I hurry to my seat.

The pond, a stage, reflects autumn’s fire.

Sections of oak and maple

Perform dressed in chestnut and honey.

They rustle to find their proper tune.


The symphony begins.

Adagio at first in the softest pianissimo

Beginning a slow crescendo as more trees join in.

The tempo picking up speed to my left and my right

First the aspen now the birch.

Fluttering they play this final movement

Full with stereophonic sound,

Leaves cascading in unison tapping and

Floating on sand and in pond.


Fall’s finale, a virtuoso performance—

Six geese in V formation honk an encore.

search for avocet. You can subscribe to the weekly magazine for free. Contact


Sue Twiggs

Marshfield, WI