Welcome to Mes Nouveaux pieds~My New Feet

Welcome to my new blog. Tomorrow is the day! Please send positive energy and prayers.

My affirmations are:

The surgery goes well without complications.

The second surgery happens on time and is also successful.

My body heals and I am patient and give it the time it needs.

I am able to withstand pain with the help of yogic breathing and meditation, the ice machine and pain medicine (as little as possible).

I am able to exercise to relieve body aches and to rehab my feet.

I have a partnership with the Drs. and nurses and medical supply.

I eat and maintain my weight.

I stay positive with a large dose of humor.

I appreciate my friends and especially my spouse for their love and caretaking.

I clean using the Kondo method and start emptying the drawers.

I read and write poetry and work on my picture book manuscript.

My children and grandchildren stay healthy.

We go to Arizona for February and March, 2016.

We return to NY to see our family in the spring.

**I have a calm mind and open heart to experience and accept the present moment—no matter what it brings.

For those of you who are medically interested the right foot is the more complex and will happen tomorrow. Dr. Martin will do a Lapidus procedure for the bunion with a possible Weil 2nd metatarsal. There will be ligament repair and possibly removing the neroma. I will be non weightbearing for about 6 weeks. Then we will consider the left foot. That will be a Lapidus only.

I go to St Joseph’s hospital early and come home the same day.

We’ll do updates on the blog so subscribe and you will automatically receive them.

You may need to get a WordPress account if you don’t already have one.

Have a great day!

Thanks to Saraswati Beckett Coppola who helped me to set up this blog.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Mes Nouveaux pieds~My New Feet

  1. Holding you in my thoughts, sending heartfelt wishes for a successful outcome, peace of mind and heart, and a direction toward dancing, walking, standing, and all the amazing things you wish to do! With love from Kathleen


  2. Welcome to your new chapter of life, Sue’s right foot! You’ll feel better each day and will soon be whole, strong, flexible and pain-free. You have a wonderful and important job, supporting one of the best friends a person could have. Blessings to you and yours!


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