Happy Halloween!

imageHappy Halloween! Celebrate with Tom and Noelle’s youngest daughter, Teddie. I’m beginning the day with cinnamon toast and cereal with yogurt and looking forward to an adapted shower and hair wash courtesy of John. Thank you We also enjoyed watching Red Oaks a new series on Amazon. Shades of The Graduate. Check it out.


I’ve included X-rays of my new hardware in my right foot. Going through security will be interesting. Set up surgery for my left foot on 12/18. Then both feet can heal together . Dancing into the sunset anyone?!

our first snow yesterday afternoon. Already?

Day 3 going well.

Feeling much better today. We discover the line between too much pain medicine and not enough. Thanks to Leanne Schwartz and Joan Weber for their visits. These help John to maintain his sanity. I enjoy talking and listening to them both. I put to good use their nursing skills and Joan’s massage therapeutics. Any one who’s experienced one of Joan’ massages in the past knows it’s almost worth having surgery.

Started listening to Pema Chodron lecture workshop onThe Freedom to Choose. It’s a good balance to the Hunger Games. At least with this surgery ‘the odds are in my favor.’ The Hunger Games on Audible is very exciting. Pema offers balance.